Membership Guidelines

  • AMA members are allowed access to participate in:

    • AMA meetings featuring presentations from guest speakers from major companies and agencies

    • AMA Social Events (Trivia etc.)

    • Career Fair

    • Marketing Career Fair

    • Client Team

    • Competition Team

    • NYC Company Tour

  • Membership in AMA is monitored on a points system and you must be at least a Gold Member to maintain good standing at the UGA chapter of the AMA:

    • SILVER: 0-50 points

    • GOLD: 51-69

    • PLATINUM: 70+

      • Platinum members are allowed FREE admission to our end of semester celebration 

  • Points Opportunities:

    • Meeting Attendance: 5 

    • Dues on Time: 2

    • Service Project Participation: 5

    • Client Team Project Manager: 15

    • Client Team Member: 10

    • External Event Participation (NYC Trip, Atlanta Trip, AMA Conference): 10

    • Internal Networking Event Participation: 5

    • Participation in Digital Marketing Competition: 15

    • Case Competition Participation: 15

    • Social Event Participation: 5

    • With miscellaneous point opportunities throughout the semester!


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Current Members




NEW MEMBERS: New membership applications are CLOSED. Check back again next semester to join AMA!

CURRENT MEMBERS: Membership renewals are currently CLOSED.